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SignatureDJ offers a variety of services
that you can tailor to your needs.

SignatureDJ can provide Master of Ceremonies and DJ services for your wedding reception, as well as music for your wedding ceremony.


Most receptions involve 1-3 hours for social time, meal time, and wedding activities, followed by 2-3 hours of dancing. Our standard reception package includes:

  • Master of Ceremonies and DJ - For up to 6 hours total, with overtime available upon request. No charge for set-up and tear-down activities.

“I've never been to a wedding that had a better DJ and MC. The music choices really flowed well and there was never a technical difficulty or embarrassing moment. I cannot wait to watch our wedding video to see it happen all over again!” – Natalie Holland

  • Planning - We'll work with you to plan your reception to include all the activities that you would like to have at your reception. See the planning link for more details.
  • Sound System - We provide a concert sound system, adjusted to the reception facility. The music and announcing is clear and rich. See the sound link for more details.
  • Lighting - We provide a complete set of lighting options so you and your facility will look great. The dance floor lighting includes spots and fresnels for the photographer, and action lights and moving head lights for the dancers. Room lighting includes uplights that can match the colors of your reception and then add to the excitement at dance time. We even have an option to add a lighting monogram to make your reception unique. See the lighting link for more details.
  • Complete Music Library - We have a full library of music that includes all the audience favorites (many of which we've specially edited for dancing). We have all styles of music, for all ages, and (most importantly) we understand how to program the music to make sure that everyone has a good time. Most facilities provide online access so we can find any special audience requests that we don't have on hand, and we include complimentary song editing for up to 2 songs.
  • Experience - Every reception is unique and subject to many unplanned circumstances. Josh and Mark each have many years of experience with wedding receptions and know the correct way to handle the unique situations that may arise at your reception. You don't need to worry about getting a new MC/DJ with no experience at your reception.

“He was very calm and kept all of the guests very well informed before our arrival. Once we got there he got everything ready and kept us updated of what needed to happen next. He kept things on schedule perfectly. He made our reception what it was and I got so many compliments.” – Lauren Garton

  • Professional - We have one goal in mind - providing you with a wonderful experience that you'll remember for the rest of your life.

If you would like to show a video presentation, SignatureDJ has a high-power projector, DVD player, and screen available for rent. The projector will also work with Mac and Windows computers (VGA or Mini-DisplayPort) if you'd like to bring your own computer. The audio output plugs into the DJ sound system for theatre quality sound.

Contact SignatureDJ for availability. Pricing Information.

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SignatureDJ can supply the music for your wedding ceremony - no matter where the location. If you are planning for an outdoor ceremony (Botanica, the Arboretum, Tanganyika, or a personal location) or planning to have your ceremony at your reception facility, we can supply the sound system and music for you. Our ceremony music package includes the following:

  • Planning - We'll work with you to plan your wedding ceremony. See the planning link for more details.
  • Sound System - Our ceremony sound system is a full-range sound system (so it can handle both the music and the speaking), and is small and unobtrusive so it will not interfere with the visual presentation.
  • Microphones - We include a wireless microphone for the minister/pastor so everyone will be able to hear the ceremony clearly, as well as any microphone(s) needed for singer(s).
  • Custom Music Library - We have a custom music library of processional and recessional music selections - all specially arranged and recorded for use at the ceremony. They feature a full orchestra sound and include all the most requested selections.
  • Rehearsal track for the singer - We have the recording studio tools needed to create a rehearsal track for the singer, including pitch alteration (transposing the music track higher or lower in pitch).

Contact SignatureDJ for availability. Pricing Information.

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