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Lighting is the "frosting on the cake".

It sets the mood and let's everyone know that they are attending a special event.

Lighting is used to:

  1. Set the mood and make the event look special
  2. Focus the audience's attention to particular activities
  3. Ensure that things can be seen clearly (for the photographers)
  4. Bring energy and excitement to the dancing

SignatureDJ provides lighting for both the dance floor and the room.

“We added the special up lighting; which totally transformed the whole room! We also had our monogram projected on the dance floor which added a special touch as well.” – Elizabeth Bryan

Dance Floor Lighting

Color wash lights set the mood and decorate the dance floor with color. Moving head lights and spotlights focus the audience's attention for the first dance and the bouquet and garter tosses, and help the photographers capture clear photographs.

During the grand introduction, the moving head lights add a dramatic flair. And during dance time - the moving gobos and pulsing colors amp up the energy level - so everyone has fun during the dance.

Action light Moving-Head light Moving-Heads

SignatureDJ provides 2 light trees (one on either side of the dance floor) with the dance floor lighting package. Each light tree has 2 moving head lights, a color wash light, and an action light (8 lights in total).

At the Petroleum Club, we have 4 moving head lights, 2 laser lights, 5 action lights, 8 color wash lights, and 8 fresnel lights (27 lights in total). All the lights are permanently mounted in the ceiling.

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Up Lighting

Up lighting is used to decorate the room and provide ambiance. The lights are positioned along the walls to shine splashes of color up the wall, to match or compliment the colors of the reception. During dance time, the lights are programmed to add additional action and excitement to the dancing.

Up Lighting Room Lighting

SignatureDJ provides 8 lights with the Up Lighting package. Each light is capable of a full palette of colors from the RGBAW (Red-Green-Blue-Amber-White) LEDS. They can be placed anywhere in the room.

At the Petroleum Club, we have 20 up lights (actually they are "down" lights that shine down on the posts rather than up from the floor), 16 lights for the ceiling above the dance floor, wall wash lights that color the Adobe at the front of the room, 4 ceiling lights for the south room, one light for the gift table area, and 15 ellipsoidal spot lights that highlight different areas of the room. We also have up lights under some of the decorative tables.

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Monogram Lighting

Monograms create a huge impression - very personsal and very elegant. They are a dramatic visual reminder that this is YOUR special day. When projected onto the dance floor or onto a wall through one of our 575w ETC Source-4 ellipsoidal spotlights, they are brilliant and rich.

Monogram on wall D Monogram

Signature DJ has a full set of monograms - one for each letter of the alphabet. If you would like a custom monogram created for your event, here is the supplier that we prefer to use: Gobostogo.com .

Club Monogram

Gobos can be a metal plate (approx $80) or glass ($120 or more depending on the content and number of colors). Gobos come in a variety of sizes. The ellipsoidal spotlights used by Signature DJ use a "B-size" (outside diameter of 86mm) gobo. There are no additional charges from SignatureDJ to display your custom monogram.

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Ceiling Height
The dance floor lighting trees extend to a height of 10 feet. The minimum height for the trees is 8.5 feet.

Room Lighting
Lighting is most effective when the room is relatively dark or dimly lit. Bright overhead lights or excessive sunlight will wash out the effect of the lights. For dancing, most audience members prefer low level lighting so the reception facility must be able to turn off the overhead florescent lighting over the dance area (who wants to dance under bright florescent lights?). Keep in mind that sufficient lighting will be needed in the bar and food areas for those folks to be able to perform their jobs.

Adequate Room Capacity
The dance floor lighting trees are set-up on either side of the dance floor, and the up lights are setup alongside the walls. If the room is too small for the size of the audience, there may be no room left for the light trees or the up lights.

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Can I use table lighting?
Lighting at the tables is a wonderful compliment to the lighting we provide. Our lighting will focus towards the dance floor, the cake table area, and the walls of the room, leaving the audience seating area relatively unaffected. If you plan to use candles, be sure to check with the reception facility to see if candle lighting is allowed.

How much electricity will you need?
The full set of sound and lighting requires 2 separate 20 amp circuits, which is not an issue for most facilities.

What do the photographers think of the lighting?
Photographers LOVE the lighting. The fresnels give a warm glow to the pictures and everything in the photographs appears clear and detailed. The lighting will not affect high-speed camera flashes.

How long does it take to set everything up (and then take it down later)?
We normally require 3 hours for set-up and 1 hour for take-down. There is no charge to you for the set-up and take-down activities - all we ask is that you make sure that the reception facility can accommodate the time needed.

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